October 25, 2021


Fees are dependant upon the type of work undertaken and whether that work is direct access or through a solicitor.

In relation to Immigration work Simon Canter has his own fee structure that can be viewed on his profile page.

Satnam Bains, whose practice in the UK is mainly in the field of Crime, Licencing and Human Rights also has his own fee structure that can be viewed on his profile.

Civil and Commercial work undertaken by Richard O’Sullivan through the BSB entity Richard O’Sullivan Ltd and conducted under the Direct Access Scheme will usually be by way of fixed fees. Fixed Fees are generally set by reference to the estimated time that the work is expected to take and based on an hourly rate of £275 to £300 per hour (plus VAT) depending on the the type of work & Court or Tribunal.

By way of example Commercial, Construction, Planning (professional or development) and Defamation work will generally attract the higher hourly rate work for individuals and non business disputes will generally attract the lower hourly rate. Work in the Court of Appeal and above, as well as international work and complex arbitrations will also generally attract the higher rate irrespective of whether the work has a commercial element or not.

Fixed fees are however generally lower than the per hour price for the work and a typical advice on a routine non business matter (Such as a TOLATA dispute, a boundary dispute or a debt matter) will be in the region of £1000+VAT. A greater volume of papers or additional legal or factual complexity will generally increase that fixed fee, as would the need to hold a conference, request further information or liaise with another body or entity.

Typical fixed fees for attendance at court would be based on a fee of £2500+VAT per day on routine matters and applications. By way of example a short residential possession hearing might cost as little as £600+VAT for a tenant or £750+VAT for a landlord, a CCMC in a routine matter £1000+VAT and a fast track trial from £1500+VAT.

Increased complexity of fact or law and large volume of papers will generally attract a higher fee, appeals will generally be more expensive and matter where Counsel has not been instructed before or other Counsel has been instructed before will generally also be more expensive.